crushing of prices, a factor of e-commerce expansi

crushing of prices, a factor of e-commerce expansionprice crushing e-commerce expansion factor
Three sales or customer attraction policies should be considered here:
The discount
the sold off
the rebate
The discount is a deep reduction on the original sale price The discount is a one-time reduction for commercial purposes. The rebate is a reduction on the ove
rall amount of sales made with the same customer during a certain period.
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E-commerce uses the 3 modes programmed over time or even simultaneously Other bonuses even accentuate the effect of these actions such as free shipping and packaging costs or the offer of free items. As a fan of online shopping, we might wonder how we can offer discounts of more than 50 percent without trampling on the quality of the item offered and even how these stores therefore earned profits equivalent to the price of the item before practicing the discount. The secret will remain intact and we could always witness the statistics of its online stores which generate trillions in turnover each year.


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