the luxury and fashion industry is taking over millennials Customization is taking over all the players in traditional and digital marketing to align with the tastes of young people who have opted for identification thanks to them. style and lifestyle. The fashion and well-being niche occupies an important place inContinue Reading

Le e-commerce: un gisement de masse monetaire Dans le secteur du  E-commerce, la Chine s’empare du leadership et domine le marché mondial avec un chiffre d’affaire dépassant les 2700 milliards de Dollars et qui est toujours en expansion. Les Etats Unies occupent le second rang avec seulement le tiers duContinue Reading

Factors influencing performance and e-commerce statistics Commercial competition between China and the United States, declining power, rising prices, the persistent covid crisis are among the causes affecting online commerce despite its flourishing and even  explosion in some countries such as France where turnover reached EUR 146.9 billion in 2022, upContinue Reading